A cat cafe in Kaohsiung

Ni hao, xiao mao (hello, small cat)…

A black cat sitting next to a box of cutlery.
Guarding the cutlery. Photo: Zhen-Kang.

Taiwan has a lot of novelty cafes: On my first visit to Taiwan I ate good shit at Modern Toilet Restaurant; and I have Taipei’s animal shelter, capybara, and reptile cafes on my radar.

But for now, here in Kaohsiung, I finally visited Miáo To Go (外帶一隻貓) – a cat cafe 30 minutes’ walk from my apartment:

Exterior view of the cornerside ‘Miao To Go’ cat cafe. A woman is driving a scooter past the cafe, which is on the ground floor of a multi-story building on a quiet street corner.
Miáo To Go is on the corner of two quiet side streets, in central Kaohsiung.
A waist-height wooden cat scuplture, below a concrete wall with Chinese writing on it. Beside the Chinese writing is a cat paw and the English phrase “Fist bump”.
Outside the cafe, this Haruki Murakami quote translates to “All the troubles, it will be better to have a cat.” (Fist bump!)
A large brass door handle on a glass door. The handle is in the shape of a beckoning cat.
Here’s the door handle.
View of seats on the sidewalk outside Miao To Go cafe.
There are seats outside, but it’s better to eat indoors because…
Two cats resting on cat beds. Next to one of the cats is a sign that says “Welcome. Love me. Love my cat.”
…Indoors, there are cats!
A wide-angle view of the cafe interior. There are seats lined up under the windows on the left with cats sleeping on cat beds further along the left side. On the right are some chairs and tables, and shelving covered in cat-themed items.
My friend and I were the only customers when we arrived, half an hour after opening. From the doorway, we saw three cats sleeping to the left.
In the foreground is a cat sitting on the floor. In the background is a stylized painting of the same cat, on the front of a cupboard.
One of two ‘Mercedes-Benz cats’ (賓士貓) was sitting behind the counter, in front of its painted likeness. In Taiwan, cats with this black-and-white facial pattern are so-named because the brand’s logo has a very-slightly-kinda-similar shape.
A hand-written menu on a clipboard. The writing is all Chinese.
We started by ordering food and drinks. This was the default (Chinese) menu…
A hand-written menu in English. The front page has four categories: coffee, milk, tea, and cold drink.
…And here’s the English menu I used. The tea and coffee prices were higher than at most local cafes, although the food prices were fine. Minimum order was NT$100 (NZ$5), with a two-hour time limit.
An opaque glass door with a door handle in the shape of a cat leg and paw. The door handle says “pull”.
We had a look around while waiting on the food. This door led to the basement…
Four perspex cartoon-like cats resting on a shelf, under the Miao To Go logo.
…Where there were cat-themed decorations…
Two versions of the famous ‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’ print. In each version, the waves look like white cats.
…A new take on The Great Wave off Kanagawa
A vibrantly-lit room, approximately six meters wide, containing a long table and chairs, and in the background some cat-sized steps leading up to an overhead cat-sized walkway.
…And this private function room, complete with overhead pathways for cats.
Two slices of thick toast covered in cheese. The slices of toast are in the shape of a cat’s head.
Our food was cat-themed, too. I had the cat-shaped vegetarian pizza toast.
A bowl of curry, vegetables, egg, and rice. The bowl has a cat-paw-like shape raised on the front of it.
My friend had pork curry in a cat-paw bowl.
A plate plate with a cat-paw-shaped brownie, and a cat-shaped bowl containing two cat-paw-shaped cookies.
The cat-paw brownies and cat-paw cookies were excellent.
A cat-sized spiral stair case, with a small cat-in-formal-attire model affixed to one side.
Some cats were more active than others. One climbed this cat-sized spiral staircase…
A cat looking down towards the camera, from a mezzanine level.
…To watch us from above…
A cat looking out the window.
…Before coming down to watch the world go by…
Close-up of a cat looking out the window.
…With focused intent…
A cat sitting, sphinx-like, in a cat bed.
…Then returning to the bed…
A sleeping cat.
…To eventually fall asleep.
A cat curled up in a hammock, suspended between the four legs of a dining chair.
This Mercedes-Benz cat also slept a lot, in this under-chair hammock. But when awake, it was the friendliest cat by far. Although, over time it became a little too friendly when—as I ate my cat-shaped vegetarian pizza toast—it started licking the sweat off my legs.
A black cat sitting next to a box of cutlery.
Meanwhile, when it wasn’t guarding the cutlery…
A cat laying in a cat bed, looking at the camera.
…The black-and-brown cat was resting alongside it. Like all the cats that weren’t licking sweat off my legs, it didn’t actively seek attention…
Two cats sniffing each other. Their noses are lightly touching.
…Except from Mercedes-Benz.
One cat on an elevated scratching post looking at another cat walking past.
This was the only other (low-key) interaction I saw. Otherwise the cats ignored each other, and the humans too.
Close-up of an anxious-looking cat. Its eyes are wide open.
Having said that, this one was constantly on alert. Although it still tolerated (and possibly enjoyed) light petting.
A fat cat laying in a cat bed, with a shocked expression on its face.
Later, it kindly feigned shock and horror when we got up to leave. (Either that, or it didn’t want a photo from this unflattering angle.)
Wide-angle view of the cafe interior. On the opposite side of the room, a cat is sitting at a window, looking outside. There is cat-themed merchandise in the cabinet on the right.
Two hours passed quickly. I’m sure my blood pressure lowered by at least as much as the cat-shaped vegetarian pizza toast raised it. The food was excellent and reasonably priced. The drinks were expensive but good. The cats were friendly enough. And the merch was cool. My rating? 8 out of 10 cats.