Do you know all of your body measurements?

A question I didn’t expect on my walk home from the bank…

Selfie of a man and a woman, digitally altered with black boxes over their faces to conceal their identities.
Vivi (in the Lexus mask), and some schmuck she found on the street. Photo: Vivi.

Last week, after my fourth visit to the bank to open an account (long story), I was walking home when a woman came up to me and said, in English, “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?”

I assumed she was a tourist and was about to ask for directions (not that I’d be much help).

But instead, she asked:

“Do you know all of your body measurements?”

…Which was so unexpected, I didn’t have a ready reply.

I probably said something like “Some of them?!”

She explained it was very important I knew all of my body measurements.

Then came the pitch:

“My name is Vivi. I need five volunteers to receive free body measurements. We will measure all of the important measurements of your body, for free. At my gym, just over here…”

Not wanting to be rude to a Taiwanese person, I thanked her for the opportunity but said I didn’t have time as I was walking to another appointment. She asked for my LINE ID so she could send me further information.

Not wanting to be rude to a Taiwanese person, I gave her my LINE ID.

She said “Let’s take a photo so I can remember who you are!” (see evidence, above).

I thanked her and left.

Later, I asked a friend if it was a scam. He said it wasn’t a scam per se, but a sales technique. He told me to block her immediately.

Not wanting to be rude to a Taiwanese person, I didn’t block her immediately. Instead, I waited to hear from her, then replied “Thanks Vivi, I have decided I don’t want this service at the moment. But if I want in future, I can contact you :)”

She sent a warm reply.

Then I blocked her.